Internet Services
Introduction to COMSATS Internet Services
COMSATS is now accessible all over the Pakistan and recently started its services in Mansehra, Murree, Abbottabad & Hattar alongwith other cites where COMSATS has proved its excellence.

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Comsats Sacretariat
The Commission on Science and Technology for Sustainable Development in the South (COMSATS) is an intergovernmental and international organization, aiming at sustainable socio-economic uplift of the developing countries through useful applications of science and technology...

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Boradband Services
Always on, 24 Hours a day No busy signals no idle time or dropped connections 50 time faster than dialup connections High speed internet access over existing telephone lines Ideal for Interet Intranet Surfing.

Hosting and Web based Solutions
Comsats provides high quality, affordable and reliable webhosting and Development Solutions. Our All Inclusive plan includes great feautures, fast and secure servers and high quality customer service .